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Finally! A website for all of us who are profoundly envious of the Blacks-- Conrad and Barbara-- commanders-in-chief of the world's third-largest press empire. This site is a humble attempt to celebrate the Blacks' words and world: their polymorphous periphrastic preeminence and personal pecuniary plentitude.

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Survivor - Here on Billionaires Island

Which Canadian media baron will get voted off the convergence island this week? Keep score on Canada's most powerful billionaires and their takeover tug of war with Survivor: Canadian Media Mogul Edition.

Trudeau RIP of the day more

Conrad and Barbara pay their respects to Pierre Trudeau.

Conrad's National Pulpit
The National Post Online Satire edition is now updated every week "as a breakfast alternative to having warmed-over right-wing frosted-flakes shoved down our throat by the National Post." Don't miss the stories about Conrad crucifying an anti-corporate cleric "always a brides-mogul never a bride" wait for his stymied lardship and his ever-expanding (libel) suits. And catch-up on the National Pulpit's fervent coverage of the Alliance leadership race.

Conzilla's Revenge!
View Conzilla's new and improved
Animated Quote or anesthetize yourself with a soporific scene of ConGod. And don't forget to download FREE Blackenvy backgrounds and screensavers.

Conzilla Crashes Calgary!
Check out "Conzilla's Top Ten Things I Hate About Journalists!"
Read the text Top Ten list or view the animation.
And don't forget to download the Conzilla Crashes Calgary screensaver.


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Downsizing Envy
Enjoy some Hollinger "Blacksizing" pie.

Movie Madness

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